Distinguished Clients,

As the Mentek & Co accounting bureau, the Coronavirus, which occurs primarily in the country we live in and around the world, affects us all.

First of all, our business and income have entered into risk. The UK government has therefore announced that it will provide £330 billion in support for small businesses, and that it will be exempted from certain taxes, for example Business Rates. Let's not forget that this budget does not cover most businesses. Please read the information about this from the link below and follow the new updates.

My advice is that if you cannot open your business or if you open your business and cannot pay for your expenses please pay all that are available from your bank; payments such as rent, Electric, Gas, telephone, etc. because you need proof to get support from the government. Proving Cash will be a little difficult.

Payments that you can cut down or stop completely are those under your control. For example, your salary or part time employees. But let's not forget that we have to pay our employees because they are part of life and business life.

Email us the steps you have taken or will take, and we will update them in Payroll. Our email address is; The business support will be announced in the first weeks of April 2020.

It's not exactly certain right now.

Please stay on hold and follow.

Thank you.

Mentek & Co Accountants

Rainbow House

10-12 Lumina Way



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